Hey Everyone,

I’m having a really good time. I’m in a town called Maryville. It’s in northern Missouri. It’s a pretty small town, but there is a college here. Their mascot is the bearcats. They are division 2 and I guess they are really good at football. We are in a car all the time because our area is so big and spread out. My trainer is Elder Armentrout. He’s from Richmond, Virginia and went to BYU! He was on the swim team there so I guess he’s really good.  He’s been a really good trainer so far.

Anyway we flew out to Kansas City on Wednesday. There were 23 other missionaries on the plane and it was a pretty small one. Like the ones at Provo Airport. So I couldn’t do any missionary work on the plane. When we got here we went on a tour of the area. We went to the Kansas City temple, Liberty Jail, and the Independence Visitor Center. The tour was really fun. After the tour we went to the mission home. We actually stayed the night there. That’s how big it is. There is and Elder and Sister Tubbs that do stuff there. They actually served here in Maryville for a while. It made things a little annoying at church.

On Thursday we all went out to our areas. Mine was about an hour and a half drive to get there. Once I got here we went shopping for food then did some weekly planning. We didn’t get out until 6:00 pm. At about 8:00 pm Elder Armentrout had me knock my first door. We were in a trailer park. I knocked on the door, we got in, and we taught the whole restoration. We didn’t get a return appointment though. But, the guy has a Book of Mormon now and so we will check up on him in a week or two.

The next day was really good too. We taught a couple of lessons. One of them, we got them to read the Book of Mormon and now we text them to see what they have read every day. They are actually reading and have a lot of questions every time. We are probably going to read with them next time we meet.

The members here are awesome. A lot of them are converts and they feed the missionaries a lot. I’ve only had two meals with them so far but they were really good.

That’s all I have for now. I’m going to keep working hard and having fun!

Elder Tubbs

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